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Hissy Fit get dystopian for MCA Artbar this October

The Museum of Contemporary Art have invited Hissy Fit to guest curate the October edition of Artbar themed DYSTOPIA.

Hissy Fit are presenting an exciting collection of some of our most favourite artists whose works will take over the MCA for a night of dystopian fiction made real.

Dystopias are often dreamt up futures characterised by totalitarian governments, environmental disasters, or a society controlled by machines/ artificial intelligence. They are also a reframing of the present, and a narrative/ creative tool used by artists, writers, and filmmakers to highlight more negative social qualities and in turn, offer a critique of said qualities in our society.

On the 30th October from 7pm, cyberfeminism, Mad Max and Blade Runner converge and chaos will reign…

Get your tickets from the MCA website.

Facebook event page.