Digital video, VIDEO OEDIV, Campbelltown Arts Centre,
16 January – 20 March 2016

Hissy Fit, together with five friends from the Sydney queer community, hire a van and for six hours embark on a utopian vacation to nowhere. The journey’s endpoint is not predetermined – instead Hissy Fit take interest in the movement between places, particular to queer identities. The process is recorded in an attempt to locate a productive quality within disoriented or lost movement. With consideration to queer theorist Jose Esteban Munoz’ text Cruising Utopia, Hissy Fit are interested in exploring queerness as on the horizon.

Occasionally locations are pointed out or referenced, not as a way to anchor the participants but instead as a way of disorienting place and memory in order to build dreamscapes. This strategy alludes to a documentary style, highlighting sites, their anthropological value and cultural specificity, while simultaneously subverting it with a self-aware performance of the form. Mini DV and hand-held recording devices are used as a method not only to document but also to distort, incorporating amateur filmmaking techniques with a focus on detail and the material.

Hissy Fit are interested in utilising the documentary form not only as a tool for remembering past but for constructing futures. 19.12.15 occupies this dual-space of the archive and a future becoming.

Video Still1

Image credit: Hissy Fit