Multi-channel video installation, Contemporary Feminisms, SCA Galleries, Sydney, 23 October – 8 November 2014

Heat is a multi-channel video installation first exhibited at Sydney College of the Arts as part of the Contemporary Feminisms Exhibition in 2014. Utilising the anticipation of the fight and physical conflict as a mode of choreography, Heat explores representations of female aggression, violence and competition. Through this work Hissy Fit aim to re-imagine expectations and concepts of femininity and femaleness. The work harnesses repetitive action and stillness both in the technicalities of the camera and in the bodies of the three performers, creating an atmosphere that critically interrogates representations of female aggression.

Heat is an ongoing video project that, in its first iteration, was developed, performed and recorded within the walls of the gallery space at Sydney College of the Arts. The exhibition challenged a select group of curators to each choose an artist whose process or practice speaks to a certain kind of feminism. In the lead up to the Contemporary Feminisms Exhibition, Hissy Fit worked with their curator, Sydney artist Kelly Doley, to utilise the mediums of performance and video as well as the gallery space itself as subversive tools in dismantling the ways in which western culture represses and undermines varieties of female expression that are loud, strong or angry.

Production credits

Dramaturg: Chris Ryan

Sound: James Brown


Image credit: Hissy Fit and Kelly Doley