I might blow up someday

Live performance, Liveworks presented by Performance Space, Sydney, 22-25 October 2015

I might blow up someday utilises the productive qualities of hysteric action, which for centuries, has been considered a physio-psychological phenomenon synonymous with the dissenting, deviant woman’s body.

Hysterical performances over time have been marked by such actions as contorted posturing, repetitive and rhythmic movement, through to induced epileptic seizures. Surviving documentation of these performances bare a strong resemblance to the rhythmic, yet out-of-control, gestures and dance moves associated with punk rock culture, namely headbanging.

Artist Statement

I might blow up someday is a work set in a constricted, claustrophobic present; a space of gendered enclosure in which ruptures take place through the body.

Hissy Fit have looked to hysteric performance as a primary site to test our own physical, mental and emotional limitations. Through the development of this work we positioned our bodies under the pressure of externally and internally imposed control in an effort to create the necessary pressures from which a body out of control may erupt.

One of the most significant revelations for us during this process was that in trying to create a space to lose control, we found ourselves travelling deeper and deeper into a space of total restraint.

The place we have arrived at in the final realisation of this work is one of both containment and overflow; a push-pull between manifesting a controlled body and a resisting body.

Exploring the dual-somatic relationship of head banging to both the institutionalised woman of the 1800s and the rock and roll icons of 80s and 90s punk and metal, we have developed a choreographic score that attempts to channel the productive and creative energies of the hysteric body.

Throughout the evolution of this work a multiplicity of genres have organically emerged creating a work that exists as a hybrid of all of our identities and our individual hysteric performances.

I might blow up someday is the result of a two year investigation into the performance of hysteria that began here at Performance Space with the Stephen Cummins Bequest residency in 2013. This project has been supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts NSW, Bundanon Trust and Creative Practice Lab UNSW.


Production Credits

Hissy Fit – Jade Muratore, EO Gill & Nat Randall

Sound Artist – Nina Buchanan

Lighting Design – Toby Knyvett

Choreographer – Lizzie Thompson

Dramaturgs – Emma Price and Chris Ryan

Make-up Artist – Anastasia Zaravinos

Hair Stylist – Sophie Roberts

Camera Operators – Angela Downing and Ella Prince

Image credit: Alex Davies

Documentation of Liveworks performance by Dara Gill, 2015.