She’s lost control

Performance lecture, You Are Here Festival, Canberra, 13 & 14 March 2014 & Feminartsy, Canberra, 1 August 2014

She’s lost control is a performance lecture exploring hysteria through its varied history, from 19th Century psychoanalysis to contemporary examples of its dynamic and contagious qualities.

Hysteria exists within the headbang of Chrissie Amphlett’s school-girl-gone-bad and in the mania of screaming fans. Hysteria unveils itself in the out-of-control bodies of the women who lived within the asylum walls and in the surviving documentation of these women that reveals a constructed, theatrical quality that drives the hysteric action out of the pseudo-sciences and into the realm of performance.

Hissy Fit tie together live performance, video, queer theory and psychoanalysis to explore hysteria’s productive and revolutionary qualities in a performative lecture format.


Image credit: Albert Londe